Shubhalagnam Vivaha Parichaya Vedika - Vishwabrahmin (Vishwakarma) Community

Welcome to Shubhalagnam Vivaha Parichaya Vedika

  • We are the unique matrimonial service provider for Vishwabrahmin (Vishwakarma) Community maintained by Mr. Anagurthy Vishwaroopam
    s/o A. Ranga Chary from Hyderabad, started in the year 2006.
  • Online Registration / Door Service available.
  • No Mediation / No Commission / No Brokerage.
  • Recently uploaded New Bride / Groom Profile details will be sent to the Registered Members by E-Mail / SMS.
  • Pay only one time payment of Registration Charges as follows :
    Rs.1000/- ( 3 M ) / Rs.1250/- ( 6 M) / Rs.1500/- ( 1 Year )
    Family Membership ( 2 Profiles ): Rs.2000/- for 1 Year.
  • Get Reg.No & Password immediately after Registration.
  • Registration by cash payment at your door step for 1 Year Membership /
    Family Membership packages only. This facility is only for Hyderabad & Secunderabad areas only.
  • Brides & Grooms Full Details and their Phone numbers are available on the website for the Registered Members only
  • We provide a platform where the Bride / Groom families can contact each other and their responsibility to make enquiry about the other party before the alliance is settled.
  • If you find any suitable match then you can contact directly with the Bride / Groom family by mentioning your Reg. No, Name & Qualification etc details mentioned on the website.
  • If you receive the call from Bride / Groom family, kindly get a confirmation of her / his Reg. No, Name & Qualification etc details mentioned on the website.
  • Applicants are requested to send / enclose / mail (JPEG Image) the Bride / Groom (4x6 size) colour photograph compulsory. It is useful for getting more no. of responses from the other party.
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